Poets of the World, Igor Ursenco, Rumania

Igor Ursenco vara 2013

(Giuliana Monfredi, edited by)

Igor Ursenco (born 9 February 1971) is a Moldovan-born Romanian poet, culturologist, fiction writer, screenwriter, currency trader and polyglot translator. The matrilineal descendant from Northern Bessarabian dynasty of scholar Marcu Văluță, director of the interwar publication Moldovan thought (1932-37). In late October 2012 he has been appointed to organise the Romanian Cultural Institute in Kiev as a Deputy Coordinator. Member of the P.E.N. Club Romania (2013), Liceo Poetico Espanol de Benidorm (2012), Writers’ Union of Romania (2012), and Writers’ Union of the Republic of Moldova (2010).

Some of his texts were published in magazines, newspapers,  electronic portals of culture and literature from Moldova, Romania, Russia, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Canada and USA (as Red Room Writers Community, The Caterpillar Chronicles, and The Fwriction Review). He is a recipient of National & Regional Short Stories, Essays & Poetry Awards, being present in The Antology of Maramures Poetry from its Origins until 2009 and in The Anthology of Short Transylvanian Fiction Today.  He  supervised other two International Anthologies: The Clause of the Most Favored  Maramures and Basarabia Contemporary Poetry and the recently released A Zero Degree Alert in the Current Romanian Short Prose.

As a catalyst of  “pneumatic motion of the text”, Igor Ursenco is known also as a polyvalent author and the promoter of critical integrative method “theo-e-retikon”. Since his debut book Igor Ursenco has adopted the artistic celebration of the spiritual alterity, as illustrated in this poem:

The Impostor
(Abysmal Curriculum Vitae )

Do not trust any word I utter!

As if I could give a plausible
reply to the exceeding love, betrayal or hope
that each of my enemies, friends and parents
invested in me?!

How could I fully respond
to all these othernesses –

with the only one name

allowed to me to abide by?

He has published a number of books of fiction, poetry, essays and  plays. On 1 January 2014 the bilingual journal Orizzonti Culturali Italo-Romeni published his original poems.

Sporadically he contributes to the literature and culture magazines EgoPhobia, Europe’s Times and Unknown Waters and to both scientific international journals Metaliteratura and Intertext.

The Craftsmen

Just Almighty God could
break down the thread
of your sacred
any moment
of the clear days…

Paganini the violinist, even
more so, could
resist the temptation
of a entire nocturnal concerto
for laymen.

The last one with the only string
of his violin at disposal,
of course…