Fable Twelve

Fantasy City (Public Domain)

ROGAN WOLF “The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.” WB Yeats Jason the unnamed, Jason the dismantled, lost in his time, having no place, the faded gold on the horns of his goat skin…

The Invisible City


  GABRIELLA MONGARDI. Abstract: an article of Gabriella Mongardi about the city of Mondovì, compared to the “Invisible Cities” of Italo Calvino. Illustration by Lorenzo Barberis. Photo by Gabriella Mongardi  

My Mother’s Garden


CLAUDIO SOTTOCORNOLA Regarding beauty, care, responsibility…   In March 2003, when my mother unexpectedly left us, in part due to some human errors and omissions, I immediately became aware of the contrast between her way of being — generous, giving,…

Dante: An English Perspective


NICK PARKER Dante has been one of those undercurrents, a kind of basso continuo, in my life since I first encountered him forty years ago.  When I lived in Alessandria in the late 70s, I was fortunate in having a…

The Wisdom of Unspoken Words

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GERMAIN DROOGENBROODT How Celan’s Poems inspired me Although born in the Flemish part of Belgium where Dutch is the official language, as a youngster it was not the Flemish nor the Dutch poetry that fascinated me, but the French, Baudelaire,…

Emily’s room


ANNA STELLA SCERBO Emily Dickinson lived on poetry, poetry was her Pole star, her only reason to live. In mid 19th century Massachusetts, education had hard puritan rules. Emily suffered from that situation but claimed and got freedom without striking…