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The Wakefield Poets

People need poetry

«Poetry is a notoriously solitary business. In the popular imagination, poets are ensconced in draughty attics composing their great work, they very often seek inspiration in solitude and as often as not the resultant great work is read by people…

Dedicated to the Wakefield Poets


I poeti di Wakefield* We observe the Calder flow where boats are berthed around bollards with tight lines we observe the boats in the hour when those living in them water the flowers and remove dried leaves of solitude. We…

Da Terre a Terre, the Twinning Goes on

Antologia Da terre a terre

SILVIA PIO It was a chance encounter, if one believes in chance, and also a virtual one, if one wants to call an exchange of emails this way. Nowadays poets meet also in the net, and Margutte widely proves it.…