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What was it again that made you beautiful?”


Still Beauty, the second single of our former collaborators, She Owl, i.e. Jolanda and Demian, is out now. Already performed in their most recent concerts, this is a studio version, mixed by Sam Beste (The Vernon Spring, Hejira). The accompanying…

War within is war outside


SHE OWL Art can heal, art can help processing emotions and feelings. We wrote and recorded the song War Within back in 2017. When we sing that ‘war within is war outside’, we mean that we have the responsibility and power to do something,…

“Glass”, new Song and new Video by She Owl


«The song Glass is about relationships and romance, focusing on the moment we realize that we are trying to please the others by imitating them. We see the person we love behind a cold, glass wall and we pretend there…

She Owl – Concert with the wolves

She Owl - Foto Ugo Blengini

SHE OWL. After having been on tour for two years to promote our debut album She Owl, at the end of a marvellous European tour that took us to Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy with 17 gigs, we chose a…

Owlwatching: She Owl debut album reviews


Margutte is proud to publish some of the reviews of the She Owl debut album, made by our editor Jolanda Moletta. “…for depth, beauty and pure emotion, it’s well worth taking the extra time to get to know this record,…

She Owl


JOLANDA MOLETTA, PAOLO BESSE’. Abstract: the She Owl musical project: www.she-owl.com Image: Peter Piek, “She Owl”