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A Forest of Trees


Thirty-eight years since its composition, Richard Berengarten’s Tree has been translated wholly or partly into at least eleven languages. And with nine translations, TREE is now inaugurated as a multilingual project in Margutte. Tree is published here in a number of…

A Poet Exiled to Fields of Colour


MIRIAM NEIGER-FLEISCHMANN EXILE I am a poet exiled to fields of colour, seed words in the furrow of the brush sprout rhymed lines upon soft canvases fertilise them with pigments, make pictures grow. I am a painter exiled from fields…

Trees of the mind


MIRIAM NEIGER-FLEISCHMANN While working on the translation of Richard Berengarten’s Tree into the Hebrew language and getting deep into the sense and essence of the tree as depicted in the poem, I was inspired to make a series of watercolour…