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Poets of the World, Filipe de Fiúza, Portugal

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«You are alone, with yourself, in yourself. You flow alone in something that sustains you. You are alone as a reaction to the force that sustains you in the flow of solitude.» «You who have ignited the light of super…

The Harp and the Woman

Vita Dominae Cover

SILVIA PIO and LESLIE MCBRIDE WILE (edited by) Anima Keltia on “Vita Dominae – Medieval and Renaissance Music”. Vita Dominae is the debut album by the Belgian artist Mélanie Bruniaux, aka Anima Keltia, released on the Maxy Sound label in…

Identities, it’s about what ties me

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Sabine Huynh’s poetry SILVIA PIO (edited by) A long list of places, at the world’s opposite ends: Saigon, Lyons, London, Boston, Jerusalem, Ottawa, Tel Aviv , just to name a few. These have been the stops of Sabine Huynh’s journey,…