Why “Margutte”?

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Why “Margutte”?
Margutte is a character from the Renaissance chivalric poem “Morgante” by Luigi Pulci. He is a giant, squire to Morgante, another giant, who is in turn squire to the paladin Roland.

The poem, written in 1478, is one of the first to be published in the age of printing. In the same period, the art of printing flourished in our town, Mondovì, which became the first Italian centre of book printing. Our town hosted a lesser Renaissance than that experienced in other areas of Italy. That is why we have chosen a lesser character to give his name to our site. In this way we reference Renaissance values, reinterpreted in the light of modern times, such as considering Mankind the focus of all artistic research and promoting Utopian visions, in literary but also in less scholarly and more entertaining forms.

“Margutte” is open to all types of artistic expression, from literature, music and theatre to cinema, comics and videogames. We publish original works and critical essays.

“Margutte” was born in Mondovì, where many of the editorial staff live or were brought up, but has a much wider scope. Mondo in Italian means world. There are many worlds in Mondovì, and many worlds in the realm of Margutte.


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