A Summary of Margutte’s Editorial Standards

Margutte is managed by unpaid editors and our many contributors. It is therefore impossible to pay authors for the pieces that we publish.

In order to be considered for publication in Margutte, authors must comply to the Editorial Standards stated below. Contributions that do not conform will not be considered for publication.

Margutte accepts only articles that are unpublished online. As for books or articles published in hard copy, the author can send a selection of the content (excerpt of the work, preface, info about the author), or an unpublished review, in format .doc, .docx o .rtf, together with the cover in format .jpeg o .png, following the below mentioned standards. We have no obligation to provide feedback.

Any contribution should be sent as a single separate file in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx o .rtf. The font should be commonly used  and accepted. The contribution should not be longer than 4-5 pages. For longer texts the editors will decide whether to publish as more than one article or to link the full text as a pdf in the article.

For essays it is better not to include many notes and to place them at the end of the article. For long essays, please also send an abstract.

Some pictures (usually no more than three) to go with the article are welcome. They must be sent as a separate file in format .jpeg o .png, weighing less than 500 KB, and accompanied by caption(s). The author of the picture(s) must be clearly stated and usage must be free of charge.

We consider material sent to Margutte available to publish without restrictions.

It is unfortunately impossible to publish all contributions, so the editors reserve the right to make selections according to Margutte’s internal criteria and without obligation to explain their decisions.

Once published, the articles cannot be deleted (with certain exceptions).