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People need poetry

«Poetry is a notoriously solitary business. In the popular imagination, poets are ensconced in draughty attics composing their great work, they very often seek inspiration in solitude and as often as not the resultant great work is read by people sitting alone.
Not exclusively though. Spoken word events are booming and there is an audience for the tortured poet giving his or her take on the world. In this respect the Red Shed Readings have led the way in Wakefield and many people have attended and realised that they will have to reconsider their view of poetry. Forget the stereotyping taking place at the top of this introduction because poetry is vital and it does have something highly relevant to say and this booklet is testament to that.»
(From John I. Clarke’s Introduction to Da Terre a Terre, anthology of the poetry Twinning Wakefield – Mondovì)

The poems contained in Da Terre a Terre are translated and published in Margutte, together with more poems by the same authors.

Da Terre a Terre, the Twinning Goes on
Da Terre a Terre 
30/8/2014 Wakefield Library, Wakefield One

The Wakefield Poets

John I. Clarke:
Each translation is a new creation
I Figli di Mondovì
Poets from the World

Jimmy Andrex:
Poetry is the Idea of Something Coming into Being out of Nothing

Viv Longley

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