What was it again that made you beautiful?”

Still Beauty, the second single of our former collaborators, She Owl, i.e. Jolanda and Demian, is out now.
Already performed in their most recent concerts, this is a studio version, mixed by Sam Beste (The Vernon Spring, Hejira). The accompanying video, directed by Jolanda, is a kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria of butterflies (and a good remedy after a grey winter day).

From the December She Owl newsletter:

«What was it again that made you beautiful? According to the song’s lyrics, “You’re still beautiful, you’ll always be”. Everyone is beautiful, inside and outside, but some need just a little reminder. Then, why Still Beauty? Because we delude ourselves to preserve beauty by capturing it somehow – perhaps surrounding ourselves with butterfly wings. But beauty is life, and life transcends the material world. Beauty goes beyond our senses, and this is one of the main themes of our forthcoming album.

For almost ten years we’ve been playing music on stage, recording three albums, one EP, and various live sessions and collaborations. Investigating dream pop, minimal, experimental pop, folk, and psychedelia, we slowly found our personal, heartfelt approach to songwriting. We believe in transformative, empowering art, and we have invested in it since day one. We love to work with visual artists, painters, and filmmakers».

Pre-orders of the new album Invisible Heart from https://sheowl.bandcamp.com/album/invisible-heart.