Letters Flying from the Page

Eartman cut out

Eartman cut out



The book opens.
The mind opens.

They recognise
Each other as
Brother and sister.

The mind reads
The book as the

Book searches
The mind for their

Lost sibling:
The heart.




The curtain is torn
The corner stone missing

The letters fly from
The page and dance back

To the crown from
Whence they first came

The black dog barks
The black sun shines

Across the still sea of brass
The black bird wings his way

From his orange beak
He sings these words:

I have come to break all
The clocks with a hammer

And shatter every mirror
That exists in Creation

Dark Jester

Dark Jester

Estragon and Vladimir
Have left the Theatre

Godot finally got there but
Estragon and Vladimir were gone.

Put another book upon the fire
I’m getting cold, I’m getting on.

Godot was always very tardy
Estragon and Vladimir: mere
Existential Laurel and Hardy.

Obvious meaning makes me mean.
I find it just gets in the way.

Estragon and Vladimir now wait
Far away while Godot’s here to stay.

Persia Moon

Persia Moon

This Ink

This white moth
That you kept
Disguised as a star

This bright star
That you pressed
Into soot black ink

This obsidian ink
That you made
Into an alphabet

This alphabet
That you can use
To make a portal

This door is a book
Full of stolen owls
And white moths

© Bill Lewis 2020.

The poet reads some of his poems in his YouTube channel here.



William “Bill” Lewis (born 1 August 1953) is an English artist, story-teller, poet and mythographer. He was a founder-member of The Medway Poets and of the Stuckists art group.
He has performed his poems in Europe, Latin America and North America and has been published in magazines, journals and anthologies all over the world. Some of his poems have been translated into Spanish and his short stories into German. Margutte is publishing the first translation in Italian here.
In addition, Lewis has been broadcast on television and radio on both sides of the Atlantic and has carried out readings, workshops and lectures at Literary Festivals (including the International Cambridge Poetry Festival), hospitals, prisons, schools and universities and he was the first Writer-in-Residence at the Brighton Festival (1985).
He has exhibited his paintings in various galleries in Paris, London, Berlin, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Kentucky and was featured in the ‘Punk Victorian’ exhibition at the Walker Gallery, Liverpool.
In 2017 Lewis become a founder member of COLONY: A Community of Artists.


The works in this article are by the author.