War within is war outside



Art can heal, art can help processing emotions and feelings. We wrote and recorded the song War Within back in 2017. When we sing that ‘war within is war outside’, we mean that we have the responsibility and power to do something, because monsters don’t live under our beds, they live inside us. War Within is about finding a balance between two necessities: getting back to the everyday life after something bad happens and at the same time acknowledging the experience, going through a change, a metamorphosis. More than ever we’re relating to this. We would like to share the lyrics with you, in case you didn’t have a chance to hear or read them.


Indifference made a ghost out of love

The sound of war drums
hits and shatters the sky
Fear gets a hold of me

War within is war outside
Are we meant to fight forever
when hurt leads to hurting?

Or will we keep on hiding forever
like wounded animals?
War within is war outside

Oh my love, this war lays at our door
Oh my love, it’s the need to belong – that hurts
Our bodies keep shaking while deep,
deeply craving for love

How can days go by so humdrum
to the beat of a war drum?

The song can be listened to and bought here.