“Glass”, new Song and new Video by She Owl


«The song Glass is about relationships and romance, focusing on the moment we realize that we are trying to please the others by imitating them. We see the person we love behind a cold, glass wall and we pretend there are no hindrances. As for us, the only way to reach out is to enjoy this game together.»

Directed by Esteban Amon, the short film inspired by the song is choreographed by Jolanda. «Esteban is magical, it’s been like watching the images I had in my mind come to life. I’m so happy we had the opportunity to work with him. It’s crucial that me and Demian are the actors in this performance, because what you will see is two people who have known each other since they were kids, one playing the other like an instrument.»


Feel the cold
Crystal glow
So beautiful that I can’t breathe
Fields of snow
In eyes of gold
Take me home
Where I can breathe
I don’t want to sleep for another day
But I won’t wake up until the glass breaks
I don’t want to sleep for another day
But I won’t wake up until the glass breaks
(I feel so cold)

«This is really important: please add Glass to your Spotify Playlist. That will help us a lot to get into more Playlists and reach more people.»