A Forest of Trees

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Thirty-eight years since its composition, Richard Berengarten’s Tree has been translated wholly or partly into at least eleven languages. And with nine translations, TREE is now inaugurated as a multilingual project in Margutte.

Tree is published here in a number of versions, in alphabetical order by language, with links to websites where Chinese and Russian translations have already appeared. The dates indicate previous publication or composition:

Azerbaijani (AĞAC, tr. from Russian Elvis Aliyev, 2020)
Chinese (   [Shù], tr. Wang Ying, 2014)
Dutch (Boom, tr. Sylvie Marie, 2019)
English (Tree, Richard Berengarten, 1981)
German (Baum, tr. Theo Breuer, 1989)
Greek (Δέντρο [Dentro],  tr. Paschalis Nikolaou, 2017)
Hebrew (עץ [Ets], tr. Miriam Neiger-Fleischmann, 2017)
Irish (Crann, tr. Gabriel Rosenstock, 2016)
Italian (Albero, tr. Silvia Pio, 2016)
Russian (Дерево [Derevo], tr. Aleksandar Makarov-Krotkov, 2014)
Russian (Древо, tr. Olga Markelova, 2021)
Spanish (Arbol, tr. Clara Janés, 1986)
Swedish (Träd, tr. Jan Östergren, c. 1981–5, in collaboration with Anders Dahlgren)
German (Baum, tr. Theo Breuer, 1989)
Apulo-garganico (Àruele, tr. Francesco Granatiero, 2018)
Serbian (DrvoДрво, tr. Vera V  Radojević, 2019)
Polish (Drzewo, tr. Krystyna Lenkowska, 2021)
Lithuanian (Medis, tr. Aiste Vitkune, 2021)
Icelandic (Tré, tr. Olga Markelova, 2021)
Mauritian (Pie tr. Dev Virahsawmy, 2021)

(Photo: Lorenzo Avico)

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