Revenge of the Imagist Socialist Poetry


We are the revenge of all oppressed, despised, ignored, exploited, beaten, insulted, neglected, abused, molested humans in the world, fighters for their rights with our poems and essays.

We are the revenge of the Art of Poetry and we are fighting for poetry ethics against the decadent poets/poetesses who exploit Poetry for their own social rant seeking and for hunting young readers and aspiring poets/poetesses in lousy poetry concerts in bars to be able to fuck them.

We are the revenge of Bulgarian revolutionary-poet Nikola Vaptsarov, bullet-riddled by fascists. We are the left hook of him punching in the eye of capitalism.

We are the revenge of socialist Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, gunned down by fascist Franco’s bastards. We are his continuing verses. Also, you can suppose us all to be gay like Lorca, because we all are against sexual racism. We are the revenge of all insulted LGBT persons around the world. You can ostracize all of us from all communities, but we will continue to write poems against sexual racism to shove up the ass of your rotten morality.

We are the revenge of socialist Hungarian poet Attila József who was forced to live in HUNGER for 32 years, and driven to suicide by this damn capitalist system.

We are the revenge of socialist Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet who was put in prison without any crime by the Fascist-Kemalist regime for 13 years and forced to escape from his own homeland in fear for his life, and then died abroad from the deep pain of homeland longing.

We are the revenge of socialist Turkish poet Enver Gokce who was left for dead with illness, solitary and big pains of his hard life.

We are the ghosts of Turkish poets Zafer Ekin Karabay and Ozge Dirik who died very young before seeing their published poetry books because of the fucking “vampire publication system” in Turkey which demands money from poets for publishing their books even when they are very good poets.

We are the immortal spirit of our comrade, Armenian revolutionary and freedom fighter Matteos Sarkissian (Paramaz), one victim in 1,500,000 victims of the Armenian Genocide, who was hanged in Beyazid Square, in Istanbul, in 1915, with his other comrades and without any fear in his heart.

We are the immortal spirit of Partisan “Sergeant” Eleni who fought to defend her people with honour and courage and was murdered in the Pontian Greek Genocide, one of 353,000 victims.

We are the immortal spirits of thousands of Kurdish victims murdered by the Fascist-Kemalist regime. We are the immortal spirits of 72,000 victims of the Zaza Genocide in Dersim perpetrated by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

We are the immortal spirits of all innocent victims of all terrible genocides perpetrated by cruel humans of the world: Bosnian Genocide, Rwandan Genocide, Circassian Genocide, Assyrian Genocide, Nestorian Genocide, Chaldean Genocide, the Holocaust, Darfur, Nanking, Ukraine, Cambodia, and all the other massacres. We are the immortal spirits of children burned alive, little girls raped, millions of humans brutally slaughtered.

Edited by Leslie Mcbride Wile.

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