Poets from the World, Federico Rivero Scarani, Uruguay


Poems from the sunset

They will bring you dark and bitter chalices
They will name you with words of steel
They will play with your sanity and your dreams
They, the unspeakable beings without time
will search your name in the fog
to make it drunk
and they will jump fighting against titans
over your dear shadow, without hesitation. . .
But regardless this dark omen
I will raise you with my chant and my kisses
you, my dear princess from a fairy tale
that a little girl will write one thousand years from now
And we will be present soul with soul
beyond the last shadow that carries away
and we will love each other among clouds and rivers
under the warm sun and the full moon.


I will follow you to the temples of the future
I will climb the rungs made of onyx or concrete
Something inside me begins to frighten me
They are the winds of the last storm
Nevertheless I will follow you because you are my fairy
I will walk groping around southern latitudes
I will be a well oiled gear, maybe
I will follow you anyway until you tell me to stop
Keep away from my life, my air and my dream
Or perhaps you will offer your days for my relief
In the oasis of life I will follow you, Princess.


Salt of tears of one thousand angels
that they have in their origin
the destruction.
The resurrection man will give you the bad luck
of your elders
until cross yourself looking at the south.
Voices of ancient lovers will wall in you
among the mist rising from the sea
of timeless gods.
From the darkness you will hear the voice
of she that guides you
to the dawn of green lights.

The translation in English is by the author