Kallerbay Storytelling



Kallerbay is a five-year English reading and drawing project for 6 – 11 year-olds. We intend to publish weekly short stories in written and audio form on the www.kallerbay.com website over the next five years. Stories written in a first-person child-related style by me, Frances Fahy, and the “storytellers” are 25 children in this age bracket.

In an uncomplicated but realistic environment that pre-adolescents all over the world can relate to, we follow the five-year span in the lives and adventures of  25 boys and girls in a school in the fictional sea-side town of Kallerbay where life is sweet, adventurous and often exciting. The pupils in this make-believe school tell their stories under the guidance of their teacher, Miss Emerson. Stories about families, friends, neighbours joys and fears. The country location is not mentioned. It’s an anglophile Fantasy Land. It’s where the reader or the listener wants it to be!

We want children to read and listen and to reproduce the images that the stories suggest. This will help them develop their verbal and non-verbal skills and they may discover their own talents in drawing and story-telling.

We want you, parents, grandparents, minders, teachers, English language learning groups to share this storytelling journey with the children in your care. We want you to know that when a child looks at you and says “tell me a story” you’ll never be stuck. There’s always a new one to tell or lots of old ones to go back to again and again. As we know, story repetition is no problem for a  child. No problem at all.

The website is user friendly for all devices and we are confident that it and our social network connections will be a source of much enjoyment and learning.

Frances Fahy

Frances Fahy