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Launching the Migration Memory Memorial


ANTONIA SUTZKEVER (researched and edited by) The Migration Memory Memorial website presents the archive of a radical Jewish family. Spanning almost one hundred years from 1890 to 1989, it includes a diary, letters and photographs. These documents reveal the…

Breakdown as Breakthrough

Bill Lewis

BILL LEWIS Apple Pickers 1940 As they work, above them a Spitfire takes on a Messerschmitt. The daily dog fights of the Autumn days of nineteen forty. The Spit like a great broken Bird comes down in the orchard. The…

Poets from the World, Ajmer Rode, India


Take My Hands Take my two hands make eight feet of them give them to the spider I soaked in hot water in my kitchen sink. I will hide my arms in long sleeves, will finish the last painting with…