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The infinite translating


Frederick Townsend Jonathan Galassi *** In the Italian page Gabriella Mongardi compares the translations with Leopardi’s original text

Moonlight visions

Arnaldo Colombatto, Pian Balaur (particolare)

SILVANO GREGOLI.  THE 60s, AREA OF PIAN DELLA TURA Mondovì, Saturday afternoon, Piazza Adua. Spring is at its fullest but the mountains are still white. We, the people of the refuge, are ready to get on our Vespa and Lambretta…

Of Animal and Other Meetings


SILVIA PIO (edited by) From Of Animal and Other Meetings by Rogan Wolf, Portugal Prints 2017 High Moments I have seen owls I have seen eagles. We have held meetings of high moment in the same ecstatic world. We have…