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Poets of the World, Amelia Licheva, Bulgaria


Once my great grandfather sent a postcard from Vienna with the Prater on and wrote, “A must-see!” And my mother, who did not keep the postcard, but remembers the story and remembers dreaming of Vienna speaks to me of this…

Kallerbay Storytelling


FRANCES FAHY Kallerbay is a five-year English reading and drawing project for 6 – 11 year-olds. We intend to publish weekly short stories in written and audio form on the website over the next five years. Stories written in…

Ancient Rituals of Georgian Women


SARAH LEAH COBHAM It was the evening before I travelled to Georgia. Hot and humid, the underground was unbearable so I was glad to walk to Russell Square along tree-lined avenues. Other Georgiophiles soon arrived at the Embassy. We were…