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Maria Luisa Berneri: a woman in Utopia


SILVIA PIO Maria Luisa Berneri was born in Arezzo, Italy, in 1918 and died in London in 1949: a short and remarkable life. She spent her childhood up to the age of 8 in Italy, from 8 to 19 she…

Mermaid Sea


SILVIA PIO Mountains rise above the sea and dominate inlets rich in fish and coral. Small beaches shine white among dark rocks, coarse sand made of ancient shells and corals, crumbled and altered by Time. Only pinkish shades reveal the…

Sleepwalker’s station


(Photo by Ugo Blengini) (See the link LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: Sleepwalker’s station in concert at Mondovì, Italy. The band takes its music around the world, in the same way that the songs take us into the world of imagination. Sleepwalker’s station is…