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A Sud delle Cose. To the South of Things

A sud

FRANCES FAHY To appreciate the title of Bongiovanni’s collection of poems, it may be useful to know that in the Italian mentality “south” is often synonymous with backward and somewhat uncouth. More so in the mentality of those people from…

First Snow


JOHN I. CLARKE Cold, wet snow driving against the window. The sky is grimly grey and I don’t think we’ll see any real daylight at all. Not today. One of those days best wrapped up and forgotten about. I’m sitting…



LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: an analisys of “Deathtrap”, seen at theater.

The castle of crossed novels


LORENZO BARBERIS Abstract: a literary game. Two or more novels cross and a new story is born. For example “The Little Mermaid” reads “Cuttlefish Bones”. She goes on search of a pearl, held by “The Black Corsair”. Only a cuttlefish bone will defeat the Black Corsair.

Standing Out


FRANCES FAHY If I saw someone like me, an almost six-foot tall, 24 year-old slim, blond waitress with typical Nordic features, carrying a laden drinks tray and trying to navigate her way between tables on four-inch heels, in a crowded…