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The Cross In Time

P1140204 (Copia)

LORENZO BARBERIS. An exhibition on the subject of the crucifix in Mondovì. On display, a missal by Tavernier, a crucifix by Bernini and some tapestries designed by Rubens.

Fin-Negans Wakefield


Wakefield, North Yorkshire, and Mondovì, South Piedmont, twinning in a poetic exchange. The Red Shed Poets, Jimmy Andrex and John Clarke, and the Margutte poets Attilio Ianniello, Gabriella Mongardi and Silvia Pio, together with the Monregalese poets Alessandro Dattola and…

An Interview with John Irving Clarke


SILVIA PIO talks to the British poet: Question: John I. Clarke, writer, poet, retired teacher. What else? Reading is intrinsic to all of the above. It is not possible to write poetry and not read what others have written and…