Monthly Archives: Thursday October 31st, 2013

The alphabetical Castle


MARCO ROASCIO Abstract: a literary game. The rewrite of “The castle” by Kafka. (Photo “Alphabetical castle”, 2013, by Laura Blengino)


croci sul Cars

GIANNI BAVA lists what is the mountain for the people who go there: picnics, barbeques, glamorous skiing, old stone houses, exertion, climbing on soft snow, an experience that changes us. (Picture by Gabriella Mongardi)

Wedding Bisalta


LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: a tale by Laura Blengino. Three mountains in Piedmont become the characters of an enchanted world: a love triangle with king Monviso, princess Bisalta e her lover count Costa Rossa. (Photo “Bisalta, 2013″ by Laura Blengino)

The Cross In Time

P1140204 (Copia)

LORENZO BARBERIS. An exhibition on the subject of the crucifix in Mondovì. On display, a missal by Tavernier, a crucifix by Bernini and some tapestries designed by Rubens.