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An Interview With Stefania Fersini

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LORENZO BARBERIS Stefania Fersini’s paintings faithfully reproduce crumpled photographs from fashion magazines. The artist, who has experience in design, is going to open an exhibition in Biella on the 5th October. Margutte has interviewed her about her work. Zaion Gallery, Salita di…

From the Diary of a Bookkeeper


A year without the car and much more. SILVIA PIO (drawing by the author) Margutte has already published “From the Diary of an Aspiring Writer” and will publish pages of other diaries.

Marlen Pizzo: the enchantress of words


LAURA BLENGINO Abstract. Give us two lines and we’ll read them, playing some music as well. Marlen Pizzo and Marco Marenco mesmerizing the public at a bar in Mondovì. (Photo “Serata D’improvviso, 2013″ by Laura Blengino)

Autumn in Art

00 Bertaina (Copia)

LORENZO BARBERIS. A review of the art exhibition “Salone d’Autunno”, organized by the photographer Bruno Cappellino and Margutte in Mondovì Piazza. Works of about twenty artists from Mondovì are exhibited. During the opening the poets in Margutte have read their…

Café-Lecture Social Coffee shops


An interesting experience in France to fight illiteracy and loneliness, and build a creative and free society. An article by Attilio Ianniello and a summary of the presentation in French of Café-Lecture “Les Augustes”.

Thursday’s Glory


LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: short history of the Italian tv program “Campanile Sera”, 1959-1962. In this program, two cities (one from northern Italy, one from central-southern Italy) faced each other in various games to become the champion city.