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An Art Show in Mondovì

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LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: an article about the Art & Crafts Exhibition of Mondovì, year 45. The exhibition included the following attractions: Ceramic art exhibitions. Carnival sculptures. Ceramic Art by Persea. Ceramic art by Lolletti and Angiuoni. Anne Desmet engravings. Engravings…

The Pottery of Marina Dardanello.


ATTILIO IANNIELLO. Abstract: an article by Attilio Ianniello about the pottery of Marina Dardanello.   For Informations: Marina Dardanello, via Funicolare n. 6, 12084 Mondovì (CN) Italy. email: website:

The Art of Roberto De Siena.

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LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: an article about the art of Italian painter Roberto De Siena. (Roberto De Siena) Informations:

The Art of Persea.


ATTILIO IANNIELLO. Abstract: an article about the art of Italian ceramist Persea. Persea Nucleo Pratoferrero, 20 12089 Villanova Mondovì (CN) Italia E-mail:

An Interview to Anne Desmet

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INTERVIEW BY LORENZO BARBERIS / ITALIAN TRANSLATION BY SILVIA PIO. Margutte: You have chosen wood engraving as your main form of artistic expression, why? Anne Desmet: I’ve always been very interested in drawing in black and white, so at school I…

The Art of Zanat


GABRIELLA MONGARDI. Abstract: An article about the art of Gino Zanat. (photos by Italian Literary Association “Gli Spigolatori” (The Reapers).