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Pegasus Escape

Pegaso Rit

LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: a short story by Laura Blengino. The constellation of Pegaso fallen on the Earth and broken the equilibrium of the nature. But someone saved the Earth. (Photo by Laura Blengino)

Harry Pottery


LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: a short horror story by Lorenzo Barberis. A visit to a ceramic exhibition becomes a descent to an alchemist lab. Photo: Pottery by Persea.

The Magic of Time

Art musica

PATRIZIA PECOLLO Abstract: Article by Patrizia Pecollo about the music show at the Mondovì Art Exhibition.

An Art Show in Mondovì

P1130251 (Copia)

LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: an article about the Art & Crafts Exhibition of Mondovì, year 45. The exhibition included the following attractions: Ceramic art exhibitions. Carnival sculptures. Ceramic Art by Persea. Ceramic art by Lolletti and Angiuoni. Anne Desmet engravings. Engravings…

The Pottery of Marina Dardanello.


ATTILIO IANNIELLO. Abstract: an article by Attilio Ianniello about the pottery of Marina Dardanello.   For Informations: Marina Dardanello, via Funicolare n. 6, 12084 Mondovì (CN) Italy. email: website:

The Art of Roberto De Siena.

P1130282 (Copia)

LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: an article about the art of Italian painter Roberto De Siena. (Roberto De Siena) Informations: