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She Owl


JOLANDA MOLETTA, PAOLO BESSE’. Abstract: the She Owl musical project: Image: Peter Piek, “She Owl”

Her Ideal Reader


LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract. Article about the art exhibition of the artist Cinzia Ghigliano, painter, illustrator, comics drawer. She has been the first woman to win the Yellow Kid Prize, the Italian prize for the best comic author, in 1978. The…

The Reviewer Challenge

Level up

LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: two reviews of two novels. One is true and one is false. Play! Don’t use Google. “Xingu” written by Edith Wharton. “Level up” written by Aretha Ball. (image: Laura Blengino, “Insert Coin”)

Why Margutte?


LORENZO BARBERIS. (original article) SILVIA PIO (english abstract) Abstract Why “Margutte”? Margutte is a character from the Renaissance chivalric poem “Morgante” by Luigi Pulci. He is a giant, squire to Morgante, another giant, who is in turn squire to the…

The Net of Nostalgia


LORENZO BARBERIS Abstract: an art exhibition in Mondovì with the artists Gianni Bava (paintings), Bruno Capellino (photography) and Attilio Ianniello (poetry). Presentation of the website of art and literature “Margutte” in Mondovì. Lorenzo Barberis Image: Gianni Bava illustration 

The Rooms of Chronos


Chronos is the Greek god of time, therefore we have put under his protection the column dealing with History and Utopia.