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Looking Backward for Moving Forward


PAUL SCOTT DERRICK This offers two bodies of work that have grown from roots planted deep in the ancient Chinese book of wisdom, the I Ching (or Book of Changes). It isn’t my purpose to interpret or to apply any…

Modesty and Mastery


PAUL SCOTT DERRICK Ian Sharp (b. 1954 in Louth, Lincolnshire) is an undiscovered talent. Except for a smattering of local exhibitions in the city of Valencia, where he lived from 1984 till 1996, and a few more in the seaside…

Parade of Poems

Frans Minnaert

GERMAIN DROOGENBROODT (edited by) UNAWARE Obviously, I’m not like Any of those weavers of words Who knit their suits and their careers Their glory and their pride, Although I mix with them And they look at my words as if…