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Speak Out Against the War

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  Fifty years ago, 9 November 1965 at 5 a.m., Roger LaPorte set himself on fire in front of the UN building in New York City to protest against the American involvement in the Vietnam war. Margutte wants to celebrate…

Dedicated to the Wakefield Poets


I poeti di Wakefield* We observe the Calder flow where boats are berthed around bollards with tight lines we observe the boats in the hour when those living in them water the flowers and remove dried leaves of solitude. We…

Da Terre a Terre, the Twinning Goes on

Antologia Da terre a terre

SILVIA PIO It was a chance encounter, if one believes in chance, and also a virtual one, if one wants to call an exchange of emails this way. Nowadays poets meet also in the net, and Margutte widely proves it.…

The prisons of Narcissus


ABSTRACT GIANNI BAVA writes about Attilio Ianniello’s poetry booklet “Narciso”, published in 1978. Bava had designed the cover and illustrated some of the copies. See the Italian section for the pdf of the booklet and some pictures inspired by “Narciso”.

Silenzioso scambio

Copertina Silenzioso scambio

SILVIA PIO E ATTILIO IANNIELLO A Silent Echange of poems, a dialogue of verses between the authors. We publish here some of the poems from the first part of the booklet, which is about Time. The other poems about Time…

Fin-Negans Wakefield


Wakefield, North Yorkshire, and Mondovì, South Piedmont, twinning in a poetic exchange. The Red Shed Poets, Jimmy Andrex and John Clarke, and the Margutte poets Attilio Ianniello, Gabriella Mongardi and Silvia Pio, together with the Monregalese poets Alessandro Dattola and…

The Pottery of Marina Dardanello.


ATTILIO IANNIELLO. Abstract: an article by Attilio Ianniello about the pottery of Marina Dardanello.   For Informations: Marina Dardanello, via Funicolare n. 6, 12084 Mondovì (CN) Italy. email: marina.dardanello@tiscali.it. website: www.mondow.altervista.org