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Gabriella Mongardi, Silvia Pio, Giuliana Manfredi and Michele Ghibaudo“The Suitcase of Hermes” (fiction, poetry, literary essays)

Gabriella Mongardi was born in Mondovì, where has taught Italian Literature and Latin at the Liceo “Vasco-Beccaria-Govone”. She has published the poetry books “La tela di Penelope”, Boetti & C. editori, and “Montagne nostre”, and translated the poems in “L’incanto nella poesia di Emily Dickinson” by Giuliana Bagnasco, edizioni de Il ranuncolo selvatico. Nevertheless, don’t call her poet, she just knows how to write verses. And analyze them. From 2012 she has been keeping the blog “Stilleben”.

Silvia Pio is a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, a translator and interpreter. She also teaches creative writing. She wishes she could live on poetry, which she has published in a number of magazines in Italy. She has had two poetry books published. In one of them, “Passaggio in Arabia” there is a section of poems in English. She has won the “Cesare Pavese” prize for poetry.

Giuliana Manfredi was born in Lamezia Terme (CZ), where she lives and works. Graduated in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, she attended  courses and seminaries about literary translation and obtained two specializations in Rome and Turin. She works as a teacher in a High School and as a tutor, when necessary, for Italian students or on-the-job-learning students abroad. She translates for passion.

Michele Ghibaudo. Born in Cuneo in the Eighties, he would like to do any job in order to write about it. He has written since he learned how, when he was about six, and has never stopped, except during breaks when he has done other things and a sabbatical period between the ages of 14 and 32. He has now decided to resume writing because he got fed up with wanting to write, but not doing it.

He studied Modern Literature at Turin University, but didn’t finish; he started Science and Agroindustrial Technologies, and got the same results. Fortunately he managed to get a high school diploma at Liceo artistic Ego Bianchi in Cuneo, because at some point everyone gets out of high school. Before that, he graduated from junior high school and, with mixed success, from the elementary school facing the park.

He writes from a vital need to do so. He thinks that computers will be the ruin of the World and hopes to be able to say one day that the World has been the ruin of computers. Now he writes for Margutte (sanctimoniously, considering the above), just because they haven’t yet figured out what he is like. He enjoys exploring dust, light, smells, etc. He loves to observe people for hours and tell about their colours. He likes to match various art forms with poetry. He is writing his latest novel, at the request of no one. Like Silvia Pio, his colleague at Margutte, he knows that it is impossible to live on poetry; foolishly he continues to have stomach problems due to abuse of biro-A4 cocktail.

Lorenzo Barberis, Franco Blandino, “The Ambrosia of Dionysus” (art, comics, cinema, theatre, videogame…)

Lorenzo Barberis is a teacher of Italian Literature. He loves hermetism and science-fiction. He has written a book, “The mysteries of Mondovì”, about the true Umbilicus Mundi of esoteric knowledge. At present, he writes a blog about ermetism hidden in pop-culture, hermes.tk.

Franco Blandino was born in Torino and practices medicine in Fossano. A passionate graphic artist and painter, he has won many prizes, including: “Fungo d’oro” (The Golden Mushroom) at Ceva (1993) and “Migliore illustratore” (Best illustrator) in Ceriale (2006). His illustrations have appeared in the books “Oltre le parole leggère” (Beyond the Weightless Words) (2007), “La Nuova Stagione” (The New Season)  (2012, special prize at Kolbe 2013) and “Convivio” (2013). With L. Botta he published a history of Savigliano in two volumes (2008 and 2011). His works has been exhibited in Bra, Montaldo Roero, Ceva, Cuneo, Savigliano, Carrù and Alba. His last exhibition was organized by Margutte, in Mondovì in 2015.

Jolanda Moletta, Paolo Bessé“The Staff of Orpheus” (music).

Jolanda Moletta (22-01-1985) and Paolo Bessé (27-03-1980), are musicians, storytellers, tireless travelers. They started working together on 2002, writing, telling stories, singing, taking off towards new skies to land on new worlds, living in San Francisco enough to call it “home”. On 2013 they started collaborating with Margutte to spread the music they discovered during their journeys.

Patrizia Ghiglione, “The Rooms of Cronus” (history, utopia, essays)

Laura Blengino,“Platonic Diversions” (experimental literature)

Laura Blengino. ”But I won’t go among crazy people!” said Alice. So, Laura came down, but did not choose, to the Earth. To Mondovì. In the summer. Despite the fact she would have wished to be born in autumn. But she did not decide.
In the year 2002 she got the diploma “Tecnico della gestione aziendale”.
She loves to write. From the 2010 she has been keeping the blog: “WonderFull Mind”. In the year 2012 she attended a writing course in her city. From May 2013 she has joined the site “Margutte”. This is her first experience in literature, so, do not be too hard on her.


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