Martyrs of Human Foolishness

quale futuro

Light lamps and candles
to show the way
to the Pakistani children
so they can fly to the Heaven
as a flock of birds

Gather around their mothers
to share their pains and sorrows
they will keep close
till the end of their days
bent on their wombs
once shelters of the tender lives

The sky darkened
women and men on earth
in holy silence
for the massacre and the horror
could sense the fear
of the little martyrs
of the human foolishness
hear their cries
imagine the violated bodies
the tears of their mothers
their eternal mourning
in the name of a god
nobody knows
in the name of hate and revenge

The angels vigorously
flapping their wings
in disapproval
ask men to join
and shout loud
their outrage and indignation

May the sky open
move the mountains
open the oceans
fall the rain in torrents
ring the bells from everywhere
to awaken men
to peace and brotherhood


© Maria Miraglia

(photo by Bruna Bonino)