Poets from the World, Melyssa G. Sprott, USA





Oh, how I miss the frigid kiss
of winter upon my skin!
The cold air, that wind in my hair,
a chilling frost gets in.

To hide from yet hold, that bitter cold
such a crisp delight!
Lost in a swarm of blankets so warm
near a toasty fire’s light.

Oh, that respite of a pure winter’s night,
the beauty of fresh fallen snow!
No one around, not even tracks on the ground—
desolation as only I know.

They come and they go, these falling snows—
they’re a comfort to my mind.
Hard to believe time passes and leaves—
even snow is a slave to time.

You’ll never know the lengths I would go
to frolic once more the day!
Oh, how I miss the frigid kiss
of winters long gone away!


I Dreamt

As I lie there,
weeping, wailing—
my heart is sailing,
sailing like a dream
I dreamt
countless nights before.

Shocked, I gasp,
breathless sounding—
my heart is pounding,
pounding like in a dream
I dreamt
and I never could ignore.

Though I scream,
it sounds a song,
for that love
for which I long,
longing like a nightmare
I dreamt
countless lives before.



Though it’s hard,
I do remember
the last blue sky
of that November.

And then the clouds,
the churning grey.
The sky has turned—
that blue, gone away.

So dawns the day,
the light is lost.
The dark has come—
eternal frost.

Though it’s hard,
I do recall—
it wasn’t blue,
that sky, at all.

Melyssa G. Sprott was in born Pittsburgh and lives in Ashtabula Harbor of Northeastern Ohio, United States; she is a writer, artist, and award-winning photographer, using many different means and mediums of self-expression.
Melyssa had an early desire for writing, having begun composing poems and songs and spinning tales from before she was old enough to hold a pencil. Her mother would transcribe her words for her. This young love for poetry would grow into a burning wild fire. Poetry became a survival skill to get her through hardships and a reminder that when the world—or even home, wasn’t a safe place—she could escape to the comfort of her pens and notebooks.

Though known as a “dark poet,” or one whose subjects are generally more morose topics, her works should be viewed as more of a survival guide—if she can make it through the hard times, so can you. Creativity is catharsis.
She has written and published over 10,000 poems so far over the course of her life, in thirteen poetry collections and eleven children’s books in thirteen years, and has contributed to numerous collaborative short horror collections, and countless poetry anthologies.

She spent several years as senior moderator at one of the world’s largest online poetry forums as well as teaching poetry forms. She found it quite a privilege to help instruct others on some of the many forms of poetry, whether they had been novice or experienced poets, English speaking or from outside the United States. Other credits included: Co-Managing Editor and Staff Writer of the VoicesNet.com Literary Journal, Poet-in-Residence, and the VoicesNet Hall of Fame.

Physical art, cutting and manipulating paper and texture is a current favorite activity—especially regarding paper roses, woven paper art, and children’s book illustrating. When acting as photographer, she enjoys capturing flora, fauna, insects, architecture, nature, and anything else that might be of interest at that moment.
She is employed as an Administrative Assistant and the entire Art Department at a small non-profit. She and her family volunteer at a local food pantry every week and very much enjoy helping others.

(Edited by Muhammad Shanazar)