Angelic Flights



1. buried
in the mind . . .
ancient truths

2. even in darkness
the endless song
of the Self

3. a leaf falls
in the mind . . .

4. our daily
little pilgrimages . . .
who watches us?

5. still full of jest
no doubt . . .

6. bird alone . . .
not knowing
when it will not be there


7. rushing
through the turtle’s body . . .
sound of ocean

8. autumn . . .
sound of children
playing conkers

9. sap
of Spring . . .
dance of angelic mind

10. what offering
might be acceptable to them . . .
our ancestors

11. dreaming . . .
yet knowing it is
a dream

12. come
angel, at last!


«The exquisite fusion of image and word renders a deeply satisfying aesthetic experience, whereby we are transmuted by its profundity, exquisiteness and light. Indeed, accomplished artists in their own right, photographer and poet have melded their talents to produce a visceral and ethereal monograph on the flights of angels and in turn have lifted up our souls to the very gods.»
Paula Marvelly (Author & Editor, The Culturium)

These haiku belong to a collection due to be published with images by Kon Markogiannis and translations in Greek by Sarah Thilykou and in Japanese by Maki Starfield.

The photos in this article are part of the project.