Silence – The Miracle of Life

Two poems from women’s world



Does my silence
Fill the gaps
Where your fingers poked holes
Into your beautiful being?
Does it alleviate your pain your sorrow your guilt?
Then I will be silent.

Does my silence
Ooze out of your ears your eyes the pores of your skin
Cleansing impurities – I swear to you – were never there?
Then I will be silent.

Does my silence
Engulf you protect you blanket you like a new born babe?
Does it drown the angry voices in your head?
Then I will be silent.

Does my silence
Make you forget I am here?
My love; if it’s too heavy?
My touch; if it’s not soothing?
Does my silence
Now sing to you like birds?
Is it palpable like a stairway you can climb, climb, climb and fly?
Then I will be silent.

Is my silence precious priceless worthless?
I cannot tell.
You have shut yourself away
But if that’s what you
To thrive
Then I will be silent.

© Fadwa Al Qasem
Dubai 8 May 2017

Fadwa Al Qasem in Margutte: I Am What I Art

When Every Breath Sees a Miracle of Life

When all the body cells pulse with love,
When every pore breathes an air
Perfumed with tender voice,
The blood flows inside the veins
Like a spring river of fresh water,
When a dancing pulse
Lights up the skin
Glowing like little stars at night,
Like a soft sun in the day,
When the force to jump high
Takes you easy in the arms,
It’s when every uttered word
Heals a bleeding ear,
It’s when every action
Opens a blocked road,
It’s when every look
Calms a fearful eye,
It’s when every touch
Passes a generation of safety,
It’s when every thought
Caresses the soul,
It’s when every breath
Sees a miracle of life…
When every breath
Sees a miracle of life…

© Lida Sherafatmand
April 2015

Lida Sherafatmand in Margutte: Enrolled in the journey of life

Photo: Bruna Bonino