Parade of Poems


Frans Minnaert

Frans Minnaert


Of course I feel miserable,
now and then. Sick as a dog.
Of course, now and then,
everything hurts, or even worse-
it is one or the other. Of course
I should take some
of the drugs I have
in the bathroom. But,
always, when I’m drawn to them.
It occurs to me, that I am old.
Quite old. And then.
once more, I close the medicine
cabinet. And I feel happy
that I am old, just old.
And that’s about that.
Tomorrow maybe, maybe
by tomorrow, I’ll be young again.

HEINRICH EGGERTH (Austria 1926 -)
Translation: Germain Droogenbroodt – Stanley H. Barkan

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Germain Droogenbroodt in Margutte