Monthly Archives: Tuesday December 21st, 2021

Winter Solstice Poems


AGBRIGG WRITERS By four we’ve closed the shutters By four we’ve closed the shutters Light’s fled the skies Throughout the ailing autumn We watched it go sadly and painfully. Now blessed solstice dawns Not just the shortest day But life’s…

Crann, a Symphonic Hymn to the Tree


CRANN, Creation, Transformation and Innovation. Some Notes on the Making of a Film-Work The source and matrix of Margutte’s Albero Project (2016) is Richard Berengarten’s poem Tree (1981). This is a symphonic hymn to the arboreal in every register. Each of…

Poetry and Ecology: a panel discussion


On August 18 2021, the annual Festival of Poetry at Medellín hosted a panel on Poetry and Ecology, hosted by Gloria Chvatal. Participants were Native Canadian poet, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, co-founder of the Albero Project, English poet Richard Berengarten, and…