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The Floating Universe of poet Gabriel Rosenstock


The Floating Universe is an online booklet of ekphrastic haiku, i.e. responding to works of art (in public domain), in Irish and English by Gabriel Rosenstock, translated into Scots by John McDonald, into Japanese by Mariko Sumikura and into Greek…

Augustin Doing Life


ROGAN WOLF Like his better-known brother Maximilien, Augustin Robespierre was a prominent figure in the French Revolution. When Maximilien was arrested, Augustin insisted on being arrested with him and the brothers were guillotined on the same day, each having tried to…

Each translation is a new creation

Foto di copertina (dell'autore)

POEMS BY JOHN IRVING CLARKE WITH THE ITALIAN TRANSLATION BY SILVIA PIO READING OF THE POEMS BY THE AUTHOR HIMSELF John Irving Clarke’ s poetry is a sharp blow to the reader’s conscience and goes straight to the point. There…