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Other Christmases: 1947

Mondovì, fotografia d'epoca

SILVANO GREGOLI Italy, Mondovì, Delle Ripe Street. A few days before Christmas 1947. The basket of Baby Jesus was waiting, already filled with presents for the children of the Delle Ripe neighborhood. That year, it was mostly socks. Exultate! The…

Tree, a Video


SILVIA PIO (edited by) The Albero Project, published by Margutte, is a multilingual translated project based on Richard Berengarten’s poem, TREE. Translations of the poem into ten languages appear here. The project has now been enriched by a new work of…


6.3 master rose lines

These image-poems by Richard Berengarten and Will Hill are part of a series of thirty-two collaborations, which are to be published in book form in 2018 by Dos Madres Press (Cincinnati, USA), under the title DYAD. All the compositions in…