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Autumn in Art

00 Bertaina (Copia)

LORENZO BARBERIS. A review of the art exhibition “Salone d’Autunno”, organized by the photographer Bruno Cappellino and Margutte in Mondovì Piazza. Works of about twenty artists from Mondovì are exhibited. During the opening the poets in Margutte have read their…

An Honourable Man


JOHN I. CLARKE Footsore and weary, the Historic Tour of the City group completed their trip as Ed made his final pitch for big juicy tips. “Well here you are folks, back to the Minster. Keep safe and enjoy the…

Question Mark Nelsen


  JOLANDA MOLETTA, PAOLO BESSE’ Born and bred in San Francisco, Mark Nelsen is a versatile musician, a visionary, talented singer with an elegant and neurotic temper, self-taught with method and stubborness in order to master his own passions. Mark…



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