Water Poems by Emily Dickinson

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EMILY DICKINSON In the Italian page Gabriella Mongardi analyzes Emily Dickinson’s poems focusing on the element ‘water’. Here are the poems quoted in her article. 107 ‘Twas such a little – little boat That toddled down the bay! ‘Twas such…

“Tree” by Richard Berengarten


STEFANO MARIA CASELLA An essay on Tree by Richard Berengarten (Photo: Fiorenzo Calosso) Related articles: The Albero Project (Richard Berengarten’s Introduction) A Forest of Trees (versions in different languages) Concerning “Tree”: Twelve Propositions A Dendrology: Twelve Propositions For more articles…

A History of Haiku in Italy


ANTONELLA FILIPPI A history of haiku in Italy.pdf On 28 June 2009 in Cascina Macondo, where the cultural association Cascina Macondo is based, the second Italian Conference of Haiky took place, with a lecture titled “Haiku in  the Japanese everyday life”…

The Ghost of the Mediterranean


MARIO NICOLAO And I hear my secret sea flood in, my hushed inner sea (‘Cicadas’, FL 171) a Homage to Agnostos Nomolos The Mediterranean contains many ghosts under the ceaseless to-ing and fro-ing of its green-blue waves. The ghost of…

Belvedere 1963

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“Il Belvedere” is a magazine published in Mondovì from 1963 to 1993. Lorenzo Barberis examines the first volume.   Art images taken from  ”Il Belvedere” (1963).   Advertisements from “Il Belvedere” (1963) US Policy in “Il Belvedere” (1963): Kennedy and…

The Invisible City


  GABRIELLA MONGARDI. Abstract: an article of Gabriella Mongardi about the city of Mondovì, compared to the “Invisible Cities” of Italo Calvino. Illustration by Lorenzo Barberis. Photo by Gabriella Mongardi