6.3 master rose lines

These image-poems by Richard Berengarten and Will Hill are part of a series of thirty-two collaborations, which are to be published in book form in 2018 by Dos Madres Press (Cincinnati, USA), under the title DYAD. All the compositions in…

Tree Of The Gods


KERRY SHAWN KEYS Between the silverfish and the moon a gray ailanthus tree marks this city as mine (I have just eaten a book. I ate all its characters. I ate the deadend of the book) Between the silverfish and…

Haiku & Trees


GERMAIN DROOGENBROODT Released from the tree a whirling down autumn leaf trip with no return Slowly branch by branch breaking out of the vapour the green of the pines Tree on a hilltop with branches spread like wishes to embrace…

The Apricot Tree


SILVIA PIO I once said the apricot tree was my home because I preferred its clamorous leaves to the silence sounding the old walls. When autumn began to confine me inside I would look to the tree as one looks…

A Forest of Trees


Thirty-eight years since its composition, Tree has been translated wholly or partly into at least eleven languages. And with nine translations, TREE is now inaugurated as a multilingual project in Margutte. Tree is published here in ten versions, in alphabetical…

Tanka & Haiku


MICHAEL MCCLINTOCK from http://michaelmcclintock.homestead.com/index.html Tanka (短歌 “short poem”) is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature.

Parade of Poems

Germain Droogenbroodt

WRITE FOR ME Write for me a love poem when the moon calls her maids to stud with shining pearls the dark dome Write for me a love poem when the winds gently move the tops of the trees playing…