The Showcase of Margutte

From the Diary of a Kitchen Hand


SILVIA PIO I got myself hired because I wanted to be close to him, to hear him swiftly swirl only ten steps away from me. I cheated on my education to get this job, the only one available in his…

Each translation is a new creation

Foto di copertina (dell'autore)

POEMS BY JOHN IRVING CLARKE WITH THE ITALIAN TRANSLATION BY SILVIA PIO READING OF THE POEMS BY THE AUTHOR HIMSELF John Irving Clarke’ s poetry is a sharp blow to the reader’s conscience and goes straight to the point. There…

A Forest of Trees


Thirty-eight years since its composition, Richard Berengarten’s Tree has been translated wholly or partly into at least eleven languages. And with nine translations, TREE is now inaugurated as a multilingual project in Margutte. Tree is published here in ten versions, in…