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Happy Birthday, Emily!


Today Emily Dickinson turns 190. EMILY DICKINSON 1488 Birthday of but a single pang That there are less to come – Afflictive is the Adjective But affluent the doom – *** 903 I hide myself – within my flower, That…

Emily’s room


ANNA STELLA SCERBO Emily Dickinson lived on poetry, poetry was her Pole star, her only reason to live. In mid 19th century Massachusetts, education had hard puritan rules. Emily suffered from that situation but claimed and got freedom without striking…

Water Poems by Emily Dickinson

foto di Roberto May

EMILY DICKINSON In the Italian page Gabriella Mongardi analyzes Emily Dickinson’s poems focusing on the element ‘water’. Here are the poems quoted in her article. 107 ‘Twas such a little – little boat That toddled down the bay! ‘Twas such…