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Writing Together and Seeing It Differently


VIV LONGLEY Agbrigg Writers, a creative writing group in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK, has held together for nearly a decade now with six of the initial core membership still attending most of the time.  It is defined by several characteristics…

The Wakefield Poets, Viv Longley

Wakefield One 30.8.14

(SILVIA PIO, edited by) Viv Longley has contributed to the Poetry Twinning “Da Terre a Terre” with the poem I Share my Kitchen with Many Spirits, which was translated into Italian by her daughter-in-law Matilda Koroveshi. She has given Margutte…

Da Terre a Terre, the Twinning Goes on

Antologia Da terre a terre

SILVIA PIO It was a chance encounter, if one believes in chance, and also a virtual one, if one wants to call an exchange of emails this way. Nowadays poets meet also in the net, and Margutte widely proves it.…