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Poems for Rising Ten


ROGAN WOLF A new collection of 25 English poems for children has just gone online. It is new in more ways than one. Each poem is carefully matched with an original abstract painting by an artist called Rachel Stevens, who…



SILVIA PIO Get ready to start again, or better, to be reborn. Sharpen your sword and wait, alert and aware, the coming of new challenges. But treat the enemy kindly, be they outside or inside you. Dare to open new…

Sound, music, mystery

Fake Sunset Flower Music
Digital art ©2015 Michael Dickel

Michael (Dickel) Dekel, a poet and an artist SILVIA PIO (edited by) *** At the Cemetery The distraught woman bends over the disturbed ground, screaming at the man just interred there— cries of good-bye and how-could-you, pulled from deep inside,…

Viv Longley’s Tally Sheet


VIV LONGLEY Scar Tissue Mum told me I fell off my trike charging down the orchard, pretending I was a horse. I failed to gallop round the fence, and landed in the nettle patch. My skin remembers. I still reach…

A poem for Ukraine in multiple translations

Olesya Zdorovetska Berengarten

RICHARD BERENGARTEN I wrote this poem in 2020, immediately after hearing Olesya’s extraordinary and beautiful renderings of poems by ten Ukrainian poets: Iryna Starovoyt, Olech Lysheha, Yury Izdryk, Marianna Kijanowska, Kateryna Babkina, Lyuba Yakimchuk, Yurii Andrukhovych, Halyna Kruk, and Serhiy…

Dylan’s Rolling Stone


SILVIA PIO (edited by) Like A Rolling Stone Bob Dylan 1965 “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” This saying refers to someone who is always travelling and changing jobs. These people have the advantage of having no responsibilities and cares, but…