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“Ascoltando Mondovì” – Drops of Scenery


“Ascoltando Mondovì”, Listening to Mondovì, is a writing project by the Creative Writing Workshop at the cultural association La Meridiana Tempo. Margutte has published the first piece here and will publish the others from time to time. Drops of Scenery was…



LAURA BLENGINO An exhibition in Mondovì where photographs and stories combine. See the links: http://fabiorovere.daportfolio.com/gallery/496325#8 http://www.flickr.com/photos/fabiorovere/

An Interview with John Irving Clarke


SILVIA PIO talks to the British poet: Question: John I. Clarke, writer, poet, retired teacher. What else? Reading is intrinsic to all of the above. It is not possible to write poetry and not read what others have written and…

From the Diary of a Housewife


Abstract: a short story by Laura Blengino. A housewife can not make a cake because someone interrupts her work. Margutte will publish pages from other diaries.  (Photo “Cucina, 2012″ by Laura Blengino)