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A Synchronistic Experience with a Blue Butterfly


The book-length sequence of poems entitled The Blue Butterfly  was conceived when Richard Berengarten took the photo below on 25 May 1985, outside the Memorial Museum at Šumarice, on the outskirts of the city of Kragujevac in central Serbia. The museum commemorates a…


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CLAUDIA AZZOLA Issue No. 11 of the Traduzionetradizione journals - Editorial The present issue falls into two subjects: poetry and prose, the prose fiction of established nomenclature, presenting two extracts out of novels which outdo the plot and realism, and root in…

Identities, it’s about what ties me

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Sabine Huynh’s poetry SILVIA PIO (edited by) A long list of places, at the world’s opposite ends: Saigon, Lyons, London, Boston, Jerusalem, Ottawa, Tel Aviv , just to name a few. These have been the stops of Sabine Huynh’s journey,…