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Six Tree Poems


OLGA MARKELOVA 1. That night all the trees in the capital city set out on a crusade – the single-footed, the many-fingered, the curly-canopied and those stripped bald, those stunted and bark-bared, those wire-throttled, and those cemented up to their…

The Reason I Climb Trees


CEAITÍ NÍ BHEILDIÚIN [CATHI WELDON] Na cúiseanna go nDreapaim Crainn Dreapaim crann is mo bhuataisí orm M’iallacha ceangailte, bivouac im phaca agam. Dreapaim an crann is luascaim ann sa ghaoth. Dreapaim crann d’fhonn úll a stoitheadh D’fhonn radharcanna a fheiscint…

Hope in Trees


GERMAIN DROOGENBROODT Hope Since many months no rain they suffer but still they are green because without hope neither they can live ─ the trees. Translation with the author by Stanley Barkan For the articles included in The Albero Project,…