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Put your feet up


JOHN I. CLARKE “We’ll stay at home and take it easy. We’ll avoid the half-term crowds. Unwind a bit. You can put your feet up and relax.” It had been agreed then – no week in the Lakes after all.…

Dear Anne

per anna

JOHN I. CLARKE Method and organisation I will shore against my ruins. A couple of hours will see me through these exercise books, a bit of flick and tick while Eric is preparing the dinner. Eric? Oh he’s quite the…

Burden of Memory

Il peso del ricordo 001

FRANCES FAHY Grabbing his startled wife’s arm, Andrew Elliot bolted out of their once favourite Palermo fruit and vegetable market, a stone’s throw from the university where they’d both worked as  lecturers until about four years ago. A time that…

Mermaid Sea


SILVIA PIO Mountains rise above the sea and dominate inlets rich in fish and coral. Small beaches shine white among dark rocks, coarse sand made of ancient shells and corals, crumbled and altered by Time. Only pinkish shades reveal the…

First Snow


JOHN I. CLARKE Cold, wet snow driving against the window. The sky is grimly grey and I don’t think we’ll see any real daylight at all. Not today. One of those days best wrapped up and forgotten about. I’m sitting…


Statua Persea

LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: a short story inspired by a ceramic statue made by Persea. (See the photo.) The exhibition “Guerrieri di pace” of the ceramist Persea is held at “La Meridiana Tempo”, Via Beccaria, 3, Mondovì until 12 January 2014.