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Poets of the World, Amelia Licheva, Bulgaria


Once my great grandfather sent a postcard from Vienna with the Prater on and wrote, “A must-see!” And my mother, who did not keep the postcard, but remembers the story and remembers dreaming of Vienna speaks to me of this…

Poets of the World, Agron Shele, Albania


White Light A white light, Wakened in the waters of my soul, Over the wings of a flying bird Just as once before… A mirror of a reborn life in turmoil Just as today… Kidnapped from warm verses in rebellion.…

Poets of the World, Sonnet Mondal, India

Sonnet- Mondal

Two Worlds A blue lake captures my soul in its unmeasured, unimaginable depths where a new world better than lands survive drinking immortality. Howling wolves pierce melancholy and the dropping leaves stuck with fever of spring bows down before the…