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Parade of Poems for the New Year

407 giardino d'inverno

GERMAIN DROOGENBROODT (edited by) MORNING STAR Oh flower of Time Paul Celan The morning star befuddled by dark sources reflects for a moment in the morning’s red then disappears with the faded dreams of the night kindled by the light…

Parade of Poems

Immagine violino

GERMAIN DROOGENBROODT (edited by) THE VIOLIN OF THE BUSHMAN Weak is resonance of the sound a one stringed bent stick on an empty ostrich egg. Not an instrument for greater glory of whoever. Nobody else hears what the bushman fiddles…

Parade of Poems

Franz Marc 1880-1919

GERMAIN DROOGENBROODT (edited by) THE END OF THE FABLES Once upon a time, there was a fox … starts the rooster to compose a fable But perceives that it cannot work because if the fox hears the fable he will…